Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chargers and Storage for your PS3 Move System!

PS3 Move Quad Charger

PS3 Move Quad Dock Pro

PS3 Move Power Stand

Personally I like the Power Stand the best: A vertical stand for your PS3 Slim that provides you with a complete charging solution for all of your PS3 accessories. Charges up to 2 Sixaxis or DualShock3 controllers, 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers and 2 PlayStation Move navigation controllers. Connects to your PS3 Slim via USB to provide you with 4 additional ports to connect or charge your PS3 accessories or other USB powered devices such as a PlayStation Eye, headset, keypad, iPod or iPhone. Includes LED charge indicators, a rubberized finish and a 110/240 volt AC adapter that features 5 amps of power that allows you to charge all of your devices simultaneously.

But, depending on your needs, they are all top shelf storage and charging solutions for your PS3 Move stuff!

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