Thursday, January 12, 2012

Apple Magic Mouse

Apple Magic Mouse

  • Laser technology delivers 20 times the performance of standard optical tracking
  • Miniature sensors detect even the slightest movement
  • Top-shell design matches other Apple products
  • Bluetooth technology and Touch-sensitive technology
The Bottom Line:
If you're a Mac owner and are looking to upgrade the lousy mouse that came with your system you will be very satisfied with the Magic Mouse. Those looking for more buttons and macro functionality should look at similarly priced products from Logitech and others.

Apple is known for elegantly designed products, but unfortunately its input devices have fallen short over the last decade or so. That all changes today. The Magic Mouse is the first Apple mouse in probably twenty years that lives up to the elegance of the products it will be connected to.

The entire mouse is touch sensitive, and surprisingly it actually works without many 'false' reads. The mouse is smart enough to detect finger movement for scrolling even when my palm is resting on the device.

A 'momentum' setting in the software driver gives your Mac the same type of scrolling behavior as the iPhone. Fast flicks of the finger scroll faster, while slower movements give finer control. It gets a little flaky when a scrollable form is embedded on a webpage, but these are things that can get worked out with future driver releases. Best of all most of the mouse behavior works in virtual environments like VMWare and Parallels.

Magic Mouse also has a very satisfying mechanical clicking system. Like the trackpad on the new Macbooks, it just feels right. Right clicking is available, but it must be configured first in the control panel.

I am puzzled that while Apple prides itself on designing non-replaceable rechargeable batteries into its products, the Magic Mouse runs on AA's! Batteries are included, but they are not rechargeable. You'll need to get your own charger and batteries if you wish to use rechargeables. Battery life is decent, and after three full work days I'm still at 90%.


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