Monday, December 26, 2011

ContourROAM Hands-free HD Camcorder

The ContourROAM Hands-free HD Camcorder is the ideal camera for a fun and easy experience capturing your adventures anywhere life takes you. Just slide the record switch and you’re instantly filming beautiful HD video. The award-winning design is tough, compact, waterproof to one meter, and versatile which means you can use your ContourROAM anywhere, anytime and capture all the action you want. Record up to 8 hours of 1080p video (12 hours of 720p video) on a 32GB Micro SD card, then use the free Contour Storyteller App to easily transfer and share your videos with your friends and the community (32GB SD card sold separately).

Shooting video should be simple and fun. With the ContourROAM, we’ve introduced one-step recording. Just slide the record switch, and you’re instantly filming. Easy as that. It’s the ideal camera for a fun, stress-free experience capturing your adventures anywhere life takes you. The ContourROAM is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, with a sleek, award-winning design and a laser that helps you level the camera and get the right shot every time.
The ContourROAM records the action with a 170ยบ super wide-angle lens, capturing all the backgrounds and peripheral moments that can be missed with a narrower field of view. Sophisticated camera technology automatically adjusts the exposure and white balance, ensuring crisp, beautiful video every time. You can choose between three different video resolutions, 720p, 960p and 1080p, or shoot 5 megapixel photos enabling you greater creative flexibility.
No need to worry about your camera surviving your next big water adventure, the ContourROAM is waterproof to one meter. A sealed gasket protects the camera’s insides, allowing you to catch the action under water or in the rain, sleet, or snow. For full submersion sports, such as scuba diving or wakeboarding the ContourROAM Waterproof Case provides totally dryness up to 60 meters beneath the surface.
Mud. Dirt. Snow. Rain. The places you roam can be some of the roughest places on earth. The ContourROAM is made to withstand encounters with everything from eating mud puddles, to monster barrels at Teahupoo, to drops down the Khumbu Icefall. The rugged aluminum body withstands serious abuse, while the waterproof design keeps everything safe and dry up to one meter.
The video is only part of the story. Contour's built-in, multi-direction microphone captures the ambient audio that underscores all the action.
Available up to 32GB the Micro SD card system captures up to eight hours of footage when shooting in full 1080p mode, and can be quickly swapped out so you don’t miss a minute of the action. MicroSD cards sold separately.
Our free, custom Storyteller App easily downloads and helps you assemble your video footage via Mac or PC. Once you’re done, it takes just a few clicks to upload and share your adventure on and other sites for your friends to see.

ContourROAM Frequently Asked Questions:
1: What is new with this camera? ContourROAM is designed for enthusiasts in active settings, is easy to use and has several new features: + Waterproof + Built in battery + Instant On Record Switch + Rotating lens with Laser Line + Built in Tripod screw mount.

2: How waterproof is ContourROAM? Designed and tested to the IPX7 standard rating, ContourROAM can withstand continuous immersion in water 1m deep for up to 30 minutes. IPX7 is a technical definition of waterproofness, in everyday terms usage ContourROAM’s low-profile design withstands everyday bad weather and swimming. A waterproof case is available for more extreme water sports such as surfing and scuba diving.

3: Is there a waterproof case for ContourROAM, and how waterproof is it? Yes, a waterproof case has been specifically designed for ContourROAM. This case is waterproof to the following ratings: PX6: This means the case can withstand high pressure water jets. In everyday usage terms this means the case is resistant to water pushing on the housing, such as would be experienced in kayaking, surfing and other active water sports. IPX8-60M: This means the case can withstand the pressure of being underwater to a depth of 60m. In everyday usage terms this means the case can be used for recreational SCUBA diving.

4: How does the Instant On Record Switch work? ContourROAM has no dedicated Power button. Instead, the Instant On Record Switch powers the camera on and immediately starts recording. This helps to conserve battery power as the camera does not have to be powered on in a ‘standby mode’ to be ready to record. The result is better battery life, and an easy-to-use camera. Best of all, there's no guess work in whether the camera is on or not.

5: What is the 270 degree rotation? The lens-ring will rotate from -90 degrees to +180 degrees. This means ContourROAM can be mounted on its side or upside down, greatly increasing the places the camera can be mounted.

6: What is the Laser Line? The Laser Line is a single laser beam that is projected as a horizontal line from the camera’s rotating lens. It lets you make sure the rotating lens is aligned with the horizon to give you the best shot.

7: How well does the built-in battery perform? By building the battery in, our engineers could maximize battery size, reliability, and waterproofness. Because the camera is not powered on until the Instant On Record Switch is slid forward, ContourROAM maximizes battery power. Recording at 720p our tests show the camera can record 3.5 hours of video. Length of charge will depend on how you use the camera. Connected to a computer via USB, the battery will reach approximately 80% charge in one hour, and a full charge in 3 to 4 hours.

8: How does the Status Button work? When you press and release the Status Button, the camera will power on briefly and display its Battery level and available Memory. The Laser Line will also light up. After 15 seconds, the camera will power off again to conserve power.

9: What sort of thread does the tripod mount have? The tripod thread mount is a 1/4-20 thread. This is the standard one used on most consumer cameras.